Weight Loss and Thyroid Conditions


  Are you exhausted?  How can your labs be "normal" and you still don't feel well?  Tried everything and still can't lose that muffin top?  Do you feel like your doctor is not listening to you?


Wouldn't it be smarter to eliminate the cause instead of masking the symptoms?

What if the health advice you've been following isn't healthy for YOU?

Find out if Functional Wellness is right for you.  Click on the link below to find out:


Are you suffering?

• Have you gained weight and are unable to lose it without going to extremes?

• Is your hair brittle, skin flaky and nails flimsy?

• Is your hair falling out?

• Are you constantly cold?

• Do you have regular joint pain?

• Regular headaches?

• IBS?

• Is it difficult to get consistent sleep?

• Are you aging prematurely?

• Do you have constant mood swings and irritability?

• Are you depressed?

• Trouble concentrating?

• High Blood Pressure and cholesterol? How does it affect your life?

• Is it affecting your relationship with your partner?

• Is it decreasing your ability to do the things you love to do?

• Are you unable to be kind to other people and are you isolating yourself from others?

• Is your performance at your job suffering leading to less compensation or advancement and lowered self-esteem?

• Do you feel less effective as a mother?

• Are you afraid that you may never find an answer?

• Afraid of being put on medication for the rest of your life or worse, needing surgery?

How does it make you feel?

• Depressed?

• Hopeless?

• Exhausted?

• Desperate?

• Crazy?

• Like nobody understands you?

• Inadequate?

Are you ready to make a change?


• Why do most women continue to suffer, get run in circles taking the wrong test, and put on multiple medications that only treat the symptoms.

• The latest research in thyroid, autoimmune, and inflammatory disease!

• Why you have never heard what the correct tests are!

• Why your inability to lose weight may not be your fault!

• The connection between weight loss, toxins, and hormone dysregulation.

• The #1 "10 Minute" Exercise program to ignite fat burning and fast weight loss.

• What do chronic symptoms like weight gain, IBS, Infertility, headaches, and fatigue have in common?

The answers might shock you!

• My simple yet comprehensive personalized 3 Step System that gets results safely and naturally! Act Now!

• It's not in your head.

• You're not just getting old.

• It is not your genes (There may be a genetic component triggered by certain things. We address that naturally. More on this at the seminar.)

• It might be your Thyroid and the causes might surprise you.

You are worth it!

• If you are ready to correct the cause of your problem, you are tired of treating the symptoms, and taking useless tests, this is the seminar for you.

You are worth it!

• A simple yet VERY comprehensive 3 Step System to make all of this happen.

You are worth it!

• All you have to do is register today!

Remember, You are worth it!


When I first met Dr. Jim, I had thyroid and digestion issues. Even though I had visited other doctors regarding my health issues, no one had a natural solution for me. After being a patient of Dr. Jim's for over a year now, my health is the best it has been in several years. I have more energy and a clearer mind, I sleep a solid 8 hours at night and my digestion issues have improved 100%. Dr. Jim and his staff are experienced, innovative and professional. I'm grateful that I am healthy and happy, and I owe my transformation to Acworth Wellness Center. M.E.

I have been going to Dr.Jim since August 2014 and he is truly a answer to my prayers. I have a goiter but didn't want surgery because I knew it could be reversed. Ever since I have been seeing Dr.Jim ,I truly feel like my old self. God has truly equipped Dr.Jim to help people get back to healthy....I love him, Sonya and Amber they are a blessing to anyone that they come in contact with and I am Thankful for them. If you are tired of feeling the way you are feeling one decision of giving Dr.Jim a try can and will change your life...I know first hand because he is a doctor that listens and get to the root of your issues!!! A.A.


I was very skeptical.  I've done so many things that didn't work, but I came to the seminar and heard the difference.  The definition of insanity is: "Do the same thing over and over and expect a different result."  We'll this was different and to my amazement I lost 3.5 inches in 20 minutes.  Jason

After my first week on the cleanse I could see the difference.  I am happier, I slept better, my skin tone is healthier and I wake up in the morning.  I usually leave the office one pants size smaller.  So far, 10 inches are gone.  I'm not depressed and sleep without night sweats.  I know what to do now and I'm ready.                                                                                                            Susan 

We have a large number of success stories from those in their 20's to those in their 70's and up,  too many to list below.  However, my own son at the age of 12 went on this program and lost weight.  Feeling good about how he looks, he played basket ball with his shirt off for the first time.  Being a second degree Black Belt, his body needs to be in great shape and it now is.    Dr Jim  Di Blasi

"It's hard for me to express how it has changed my life.  Doing this program has giving me energy and zest for life.  I have to be honest...the first two weeks were a small problem, but manageable.    I've tried Weight Watchers, Quick Weight Loss, Isagenix and South Beach.  I hired a personal dietitian and many other things which all failed.  Doing this program made me lose 29 pounds and over 80 inches from my body.  I feel and look like a different person.  A big THANK YOU to Dr. Jim, Debbie and Sonya  for their services and support.  I can't wait for you all to see my pictures.

Much Love,



I visited the Acworth Wellness Center.  My results matched what traditional medicine had been telling me - my liver & gallbladder were not functioning correctly, my immune system was off, my kidneys were not functioning properly, and the list went on and on. During my initial visit, Dr. Jim confirmed what I had suspected from my own research - I had basically no adrenal function! He also was able to determine that my thyroid was not working correctly, something that I had suspected, but the lab tests my MD ordered did not reveal a problem. Dr. Jim immediately put me on some supplements to combat my issues and also gave me information on a special way of eating. I began the eating this way the next day. Without counting calories and only following the guidelines of this diet, I dropped 15 pounds in three months. I was feeling better than I had in several years.

  Dr. Jim and Sonya decided another test was necessary. They discovered that I had an excess of yeast in my body, which causes many health issues including diabetes. In early August 2011, I began the 5-week Candida program.  At the end of my 5-week plan, I had dropped another 15 pounds and several inches. The difference in my energy level is AMAZING! I feel better and look better. I've had people tell me I look 10 years younger than I did at the beginning of this year. Dr. Jim has also been treating my allergies - with great success too.

I recently went back to my regular MD for a physical and lab work. She could not stop expressing her amazement at how great I looked. I had gone down 3 sizes since I had last seen her. For the first time in 6 years, my lab work came back NORMAL. She and several other people have told me I have a glow about me. I know what it is - it is the glow of health!

I firmly believe that the Acworth Wellness Center gave me my life back and cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me.              Lisa C.

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