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Success Stories

Success Stories

These are benefits my patients have received from the type of Wellness Care we provide. They were not reimburse in anyway except in trying to help others by telling their story.

"Thank You! I just received the results of my bloodwork after completing the heavy metal detox. My primary care physician said this is the healthiest I have ever been and that she did not have any suggestions to improve anything. She said to continue whatever I am doing as it is working!! Thanks to Dr Jim, Sonya and Amber this is the best I have been in a long time!!" S.D.

My Doctor Was Shock with how I look and my blood work!!!

I went in for my yearly check-up and the doctor couldn't believe how great I looked. Then she looked at my blood work and it was the best ever. The doctor said: "See the medication is working!" I replied: "I've not taken the medication. I'm doing a program with Dr Jim and that's really why I look and feel so great!"

Thanks Dr Jim, Amber and Sonya for all your help. R. M.


My Thyroid Is Back

The doctors removed my thyroid many years ago. With the treatments from Dr Jim, it's working again. The doctors told me it wouldn't grow back, but it did. My TSH is in the perfect range after 6 weeks with this special treatments. The endo doctor told me my blood test was now perfect and to keep up with the things we were doing. Thanks to Dr Jim I'm doing so much better in body and mind. Happy! Happy! Happy! GH


In one visit, I cut down to one cigarette per week. After the second visit I no longer smoke. WOW! AR



In 7 weeks I've had tremendous results. My sinuses and allergies have improved beyond belief. I'm sleeping so well now so thank you for sharing your experience and expert knowledge. My Life Quality Is So Much Better!. I'm telling everyone!" CM


Bikini - And I feel Great

For the first time in 10 years I put on my bikini and I feel great emotionally and physically. Now I can spend more time in the sun. I eat well, I'm detoxing and feel even better than when I was in my 20's. AR


Cat Allergy - GONE!

My daughter was allergic to cats. Her symptoms ranged from respiratory issues to rashes. Sometimes requiring breathing treatments to resolve the major issues. Dr Jim did an elimination treatment and we tested it out. She had not reaction holding the cat, none! We were both very happy that she no longer has to worry about cats! D.R.


I wanted to share an amazing experience we have had with Dr. Jim DiBlasi

In 2014, we discovered that my daughter Emily developed an allergy to our dog Harley about 12 months after getting him. She started having random unexplained welts on her eyelids, chin and face. It took awhile, but we determined that she was allergic to our dog and each reaction became more severe with hives around both eyes. We cleaned out her room of any traces of dog hair and kept her bedroom a dog-free zone. She stayed away from the dog she used to sleep with - and could not touch him other than to let him lick her feet. This was her life for over a year. Recently, we found Acworth Wellness Center through a friend, and started talking to Dr. Jim about allergy elimination treatments. Emily had one non-invasive allergy elimination treatment and had to stay away from Harley for 20 minutes before she could touch him again. We are so happy to have found Dr. Jim and recommend who wants allergy relief should consider Acworth Wellness Center. Thank you, Jeanne D.


My daughter's teacher tells me how much better my daughter is!

Dr Jim, I'm ashamed that I did not listen to you months ago. I have spent lots of money and time on helping my autistic daughter. Many doctors told me many different things that got us no where. I felt that it was just like those, because it was too simple and another "cure" I didn't want to waste my money or time on. Also, they tell parents of autistic children not to do so many things. Well, let me tell you my 11 year old started what you told us to do a week ago. I got a call from her teacher and she told me how fantastic she has been in school since then. That's great results and Thank You for caring enough to keep advising us. CT


I've Dropped 4 Dress Sizes

At 64 I didn't think it was possible, but I'm so happy that I came to the Acworth Wellness Center". I feel so much better and I've dropped 4 dress sizes, which was an added plus to the program! I've enjoyed learning what to do and even my husband is doing it too! If You Have Thyroid Problems, This Is The Place To Come!!! I really feel like a new person with loads of energy. Thanks Dr Jim, Sonya and Amber! RM


I can eat again!

Listen to what one of my patients from Sweden has said about our program. Visit the Youtube site listed below and see Alex tell his story.


I lost 8 pounds last week!

I'm so much better and last week I lost 8 pounds. I'm staying true to what they told me to do and I feel better than I have in several years. I'm 68 years old and thanks to Dr Jim's plan I'm doing great! Sara


5 months ago I met Dr Jim, Sonya and Amber. Little did I know how that would change my life.

My children were seeing their 'old' mommy and I'm only 46, so I wanted to change. I am following the program that Dr Jim and Sonya put together for me and my increased energy is what I felt first, Then the inches and weight began to fall off. I've lost 24 pounds and lots of inches. People that have known me for some time have mentioned that they are noticing all the changes in me. Now, I've got my family changing on how to eat clean and our lives are so much healthier. I'm very excited to see what's next. Theresa H.

Check out this patient's success:Jessica


My scrapes and what I thought were liver spots are now gone on my hands!

Dr Jim told me to use the ASEA on the scrapes on my hand. So, I sprayed some on my hands and I got more than what I bargained for in just a few days. Not only did the skin scrapes heal, without scarring, but my liver/sun spots on both my hands disappeared. If this can do this on my skin, I can only imagine what is happening on the inside of me. I am so grateful that I was led to Dr Di Blasi and his team. Dawn B


This article below is for those who were told that their health was due to genetics.,6527cb...


After 66 years I received allergy elimination treatments and now I can eat almost everything!!!

Before I met Dr Jim I had many allergies and health problems….Crohn’s disease, hay fever, allergic to cosmetics, etc… My diet was very restricted – no mammal (goat, beef, buffalo, deer, etc…) meat, milk or cheese; no pre-packaged foods and no cosmetics; and reading labels for each minute ingredient.

Then Dr Jim started allergy treatments. Now I can eat anything without fear of illness, diarrhea, nausea or fever. I can eat at restaurants, friends homes, a church or community get together and not be in fear.

Right after the treatment I was so enrolled with being able to eat what I couldn’t before that I went overboard and ate too much of everything. I had to have a meeting with myself and come to grips with the situation and put control into the equation.

Thanks So Much! Connie S. Dec. 2014


Another Patient Success Video:Eva

Changed My Life at the age of 63.

Our daughter told us about Dr Di Blasi. I was not at my best per all my other doctors. I've now lost over 40 lbs and went from a size 45 waist down to size 38. I've got more energy and vitality than before and this was accomplished in less than six months. This is the place to go to change your life. Greg A.


Diabetes and I turned 60. My MD wanted me on two more medications. I said "NO"

Last year I turned 60 and my family medical doctor told me he was going to add 2 more medications to manage my Diabetes. I said "No, I'm not taking any more pills". I asked for a natural treatment and he stated: "What we do here is run labs and prescribe medicines." I knew what I had to do, call Dr Jim Di Blasi. I gave Dr Jim a list: IBS, acid reflux, diabetes, fatty liver and allergies. Well after one year I have no IBS, no acid reflux, no fatty liver, no allergy and no DIABETES. This is what the MD found after my new lab work. I thank God for my Dr Jim, Sonya and Amber. Love To All, Donna H.

Feel Like A New Person After Only One Week!

I'm sleeping better and feeling better after starting the new program. Feeling this good at my age and going through menopause is unheard of. I'm not having the symptoms that 'normal' women have. Even the cravings are gone. I'm feeling 'sexy' again.


Lost 6 Inches In 20 Minutes

I did the Lipo-Light treatment at Dr Di Blasi's yesterday and lost 6" from my abdomen, hips and thighs in just 20 short pain!! It's amazing! Angela C.

Allergy and Asthma - GONE

I want to THANK YOU! for the one incredible treatment you gave me for my allergy to cats. I flew down from Boston to get this treatment because from early childhood I was allergic to cats and received allergy shots, but I received no relief. I had to stay away or leave family member's homes if they had a cat. I suffered so bad that I would get an asthma attack, almost immediately. I'm an adult and this was unreal. I was skeptical, but now I can be around cats without any issues. I can hold a cat and still not get an asthma attack. I slept in a house the first night after that one treatment and there was a cat, but I didn't have a problem. This has changed the quality of my life for the better. It is truly incredible. I now intend to fly my son down to see you as he too suffers from asthma and is on steroids and inhalers. So, thank you because I no longer need my med's or inhaler. Mike M. Boston, Mass.

This is from a teacher of one of our Autisic children.

"K. did an amazing job on her math! As soon as I read the addition problems, she was

answering the questions. I was so proud of her!" She never did this before. This is after one

month of care with us.

Fire Ants Used To Send Me To The ER

"I was deathly allergic to fire ants. If I received one bite on my foot, I would soon be

covered with hives. I would then have difficulty breathing and have to go to the

Emergency Room for a life saving treatment. However, I heard of Dr Jim Di Blasi and

decided to give him a chance. Well, one day I stepped into a fire ant hill and got bitten

before I could get away. Normally, I would rush to the ER, but nothing was happening.

I waited a little longer, even my husband was scarred, but still nothing happened.

All I can say is Thank You Dr Di Blasi for saving my life. This really works folks"

Donna H.


McKenna did our 5 week program and lost 11 pounds and went from a 12 to 8 dress size. Look how happy she is!

No More Headaches

For a long time I had really bad headaches. They would last 3 or 4 days, every other week. My legs were tender too. One week after I started with Dr Di Blasi, the headaches are gone and my legs are no longer tender.

This is an actual patient letter.

Dear Future Patients, March 30th

Since mid February my 8 year old son, George, had been breaking out in head

to toe rashes. The rash was extremely itchy, causing joint pain, and was

EVERYWHERE! The first time we went to the doctor, he was diagnosed with Scarlett

Fever (even though his strep test came back negative). The second time the doctor

said it was an allergy, gave him steroids, and told me to take him to an allergist for

testing. Three days after that visit, George broke out again. It was on a Saturday

and I did not want to go to Urgent Care for yet another round of steroids.

Desperate for advice I turned to Facebook. I was open to anything that would help

my son get better and stop these outbreaks. A friend of ours referred us to Dr. Jim

at Acworth Wellness center.

Dr. Jim went through a series of questions and tests, the whole time

explaining what he was doing on a level we both could understand. His test were

easy, non invasive, and best of all they worked!!! We discovered George was allergic

to wheat. He treated George and within several hours, George was rash free!

Since being treated, George hasn't had one outbreak. I am so grateful to Dr. Jim

and his staff! I have even started taking my older son to see Dr. Jim to help with

focusing problems he is having. Dr. Jim's methods may sound too good to be true,

but take it from a very satisfied mommy and her happy kids, it works!

Jennifer M.

I should feel like a 30 year old when I'm finished.

A seventy year old patient wrote me this recently.

"I feel so much better since I started the Rejuvenation Program. Before this, I had no energy to do my housework. I would pull out the vacuum cleaner and it would sit for two days. I just didn't feel I has enough energy. Now, I can vacuum and shampoo the same day. In fact, my energy level has improved like I felt 10 years ago. By the time I finish the program, I should feel like I did when I was 30 years old. Thanks, Dr Jim, Sonya and Amber." Stephanie Y.

Even The MD Was Amazed!

Hi Dr Jim,

Kyle tagged me in a post on Facebook.

Kyle wrote: "And the verdict is ... Flu Type B for the little guy. Nothing they could give him, which is fine because we are taking what @Dr. Jim Di Blasi gave us for the viral and bacterial mess ... his pediatrician is amazed at his growth through all the NATURAL things we have been doing and said to keep up the good work. Even if she could have given him something for the flu, she said she is NOT a fan of TAMIFLU because if caused hallucinations and vomiting in kids his age. So anyone with kids and the flu, please be careful if giving them Tamiflu, I had heard of another child having a seizure from it."

I'm Amazed At How Much Better I Am

My name is Freeda and I was feeling bad for about one month and went to my M.D. which resulted in me being frustrated due to lack of answers and treatment. On my way home I called Dr. Di Blasi's office and talked with Sonya. One hour later I was with Dr. Di Blasi. He ran a test to evaluate my condition. I was amazed at

the results. Dr Di Blasi asked me to take some whole food supplements and come back in 3 weeks, but to call if I felt the need. I was totally amazed about how I felt in 2 days. Upon returning after 3 weeks my health evaluation had improved tremendously. Even 4 other people noticed and commented about how well I was doing. THANK YOU DR. JIM. Freeda W.

No Longer Suffering From Asthma

My 14 year old has struggled with asthma and allergies for years. Her list of allergies only grew as she got older. After coming to the Acworth Wellness Center she is now able to live a normal life. She is no longer isolated from so many places and things. We are so happy to have Dr Jim Di Blasi eliminate her allergies and asthma. Amber G

No More Medication Dependence

I am now able to stop taking my allergy medictions and acid reducers that I've been dependent on for the past 5 years. Dr Jim got to the cause of my problems. I've changed my diet and got allergy treatments and my life is so much better! I couldn't be happier with my results. Thanks, Dr Jim. Amber G.

I Was Very Skeptical

I wasn't sure what to expect after attending the seminar about Health and Wellness. So, I came into the office for my appointment. Nothing I did before worked for my weight issues. I knew the definition of insanity: "Do the same thing over and over and expect different results." This was different and that's what the doctor told me at the seminar.

To my amazement I lost 3.5 inches in 20 minutes.


I Was Feeling Horrible

I started the cleanse mainly because I felt horrible and needless to say, I needed to lose weight for both health and looks. After one week I felt different and it has gotten better. My moods improved as I'm not depressed. I started sleeping through the night without night sweats. I feel happier and both my weight and dress sizes went down. My skin tone is brighter and I've lost 10 inches already. Talk about results! I now realize what I need to do to stay healthy forever.


My Blood Tests Were Better Than Normal

Having completed the cleanse program I received an excellent report that my Blood Test were better than normal and ever before. I'm feeling great and my metabolism is well balanced. Thanks Dr Jim for offering this program. Lori L.

I'm Better Every Time!

It gets better each time I come here! I lost 9 1/2 inches in one body wrap session, amazing! The fabulous staff here have lots of positive energy. I just love this place! Dania R.

No Longer An Absolute Mess

A 16 year old patient, with her Mom's permission, wrote on Facebook:

"Thank you so much! I owe my health to this amazing facility! I was an absolute mess before, and no doctors could figure out why. Through this great program I feel healthy and happy again." Victoria D.

In 12 Weeks I Lost 29 lbs and Over 80 inches

I am proud to report that I lost 29 pounds and over 80 inches overall. I feel and look like a new women. I did this while selling my home and living with friends temporarily, much stress from the move. Angela C.

My MD Took Me Off My Medications For Testosterone and High Blood Pressure

For over a year I was put on high blood pressure medications as well as weekly injections for low testosterone. Well within one month with Dr Jim I'm happy to say that the MD took me off all medications and I feel great! David H

Lost 30 Pounds Went From A Size 14 to 8 in 35 Days

Doing the Candida Detox I went from a size 14 to 8 and lost 30 pounds in 35 days.

I feel and look great and my overall health is GREAT! C T

I Wouldn't Believe It If You Told Me!

"For months there was a hole in my belly due to surgery. Because of the surgery I was in a coma for 6 weeks. This hole was about 3 inches wide and I had to be very careful. In the begining I really didn't see much. But, I kept up with it. After 2 weeks, 6 treatments, with the cold laser the hole is half gone. I'm Lucky that my wife told me to see Dr Jim."

James H.

Allergy Clearing Saved Me!

"Before doing the Allergy Clearing I drank one pint of alcohol per day, had coffee and coke. I felt horrible and knew I had to do something. I'm a professional and knew there was no way he could help me! But, my wife talked me into seeing Dr Di Blasi because of how he had changed her life and health. He did an allergy clearing for alcohol and asked me to stay away for just one day. I agreed and the day before was my last pint of alcohol. As a side effect, I've stopped coffee and coke. It's been 5 weeks and I feel great! Thanks, Doc." Jeff H.

Larisa wrote on Facebook:

" P used to itch himself bloody for a week after wheat and his skin/lips would swell from eggs. After 3 allergy treatments with Dr Jim Di Blasi, he's been able to eat both without problems for a few years now."


50 Years Of Low Back Pain Better After One Visit

I've had chronic back pain for over 50 years. I had surgery 45 years ago and I was still in constant pain daily. After the first treatment I couldn't believe it, the back pain was better after he did something to my neck. That's right, only my neck! Then on the way home, which is about 1 1/2 hours from the office, my arm pain stopped and my fingers that I use to have to force open now uncurl with ease. Norman H.

Fibromyalgia Pain For Years - Almost GONE!

I've had fibromyalgia pain for years and I was getting worse. I had neck and back spasms too. My husband would massage me every night, but I was in misery!! I met Dr Di Blasi's wife about two hours from their office. She told me about this special technique he does so I decided to give it a chance. We drove all the way from the mountains. That one treatment made my neck loose and the severe pain turned into a little pain. I'm feeling so much better! Ann H.

No Need For Liver Transplant

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis A, 7 weeks ago. Two week ago, I was hospitalized with liver and kidney failure, due to the liver damage from the medication I had been taking for 4 years. My wife spoke with Dr. Jim Di Blasi about my condition. The doctors at the hospital thought I needed a liver transplant. Dr Di Blasi told her to start me on two supplements immediately, as that would help build up my immune system and help my liver heal quicker. I have now been on these for 10 days. I had no surgery or mediction and was released from the hospital after only a week because my lab reports were incredibly better. My strength is getting better every day too, thanks to Dr. Di Blasi Thanks again Dr. Jim, Gary E

My Son Is No Longer Allergic To Our Cat And I'm Not Drinking Soda Any More!

"We have seen a huge difference since seeing Dr Di Blasi. We did the Allergy Elimination on our son for our cat and he is no longer sneezing or congested. For me we did any Allergy Elimination for soda (Coca-Cola) and it's been 50 days ago and I have NOT WANTED ONE SINCE and that is huge because I was drinking 5-6 per day!! He even helped me with a rib that was forever out of place. We absolutely LOVE Dr Jim and his staff!!" Kyle T.

You Need To See Dr Jim For Any Major or Minor Pain,

or any health matter!

My name is Trent, I'm 41 and never had back problems before. Then one day I hurt my back and I couldn't walk. The pain was very severe that I couldn't sit, stand or anything without severe pain. My wife took me to Dr Jim because of the success she had with her neck problems. In 2 days I was able to walk and in 4 more days I was able to go back to work. I can't say enough about Dr Jim and his staff, which are the best. They are freindly and if you have any major or minor pain, or any health matter, you need to see him. For he can help! Thanks a lot for everythng! Trent H.

One Month On Dr Jim's Program

I was perscribed Vit. D, blood pressure medication and received weekly injections of testosterone for 9 months. I then went to Dr Jim Di Blasi and he found I was needing some supplements. I'm now off all my medications with the M.D.'s blessings and feel GREAT! David H.

Today Rosie Lost 6.5 Inches From Her Body

GO Rosie.

I'm Gettng Better Everytime.

Today I lost 9.5 inches from my body. Yes, nine and a half inches in one session! The staff is amazing, not to mention the fabulous psoitive energy when you walk in. I just love this place. I get better everytime I'm here. My husband likes it too! Dania R.

The whole experience was POSITIVE.

Thanks is not enough to cover all that you did for me and my family, of course. Your patience, gental care, answers to questions, kidness, attentivness and Total Professionalism showed me you went far beyond my expectations. The whole expereince was Positive. What a boost to my mind and body. You truly got me in gear for a better me. Thanks Again.

PS. I'm 69 years yound and live 1 1/2 hours away. It's worth every inch.

Sharon S.

M.D. Gave Me Excellent on my recent Blood Report

Having completed the weight loss program had required a change of lifestyle for me, but it payed off Big Time. My M.D. gave me an excellent grade on my recent blood test report. I'm not only feeling great, but my metabolism is now balanced. Thanks Dr Jim for offering these programs! Lori L.

2012 The New Me

I'm 49 years old and 2012 has been the start of a new "me". I set my goal of getting healthy and to feel better. I attended a seminar that Dr Jim and Sonya hosted. It was eye opening and helped me to make a committment. I started a 5 week program to handle my problems. Well, in 5 weeks I lost 30 pounds and 30 inches. I went down 4 dress sizes. I feel and look great. Everyone has told me how great I look. They also want to know what I've done and I tell them. Dr Jim and Sonya Thank You So Much! Janet S.


I am writing this to let others know of our positive experience with Dr. Jim Di Blasi. For years my sons have suffered with allergies and asthma. Allergy shots really did no good. A friend recomended Dr Di Blasi. He was like no other doctor we've seen. He listened and asked questions. It all started about four months ago when Cole started to cough bad. The doctor then gave him 2 months of antibiotics and steroids. He felt better, but it was a lot for his body to go through. Then one month ago he started to cough again. I decided to call and made an appointment with Dr Di Blasi. He figured out what was wrong and cared for my son. Cole coughed three more times that day and that was it.

I was skeptical at first, but not anymore. Now I'm one of Dr. Jim's biggest fans and will continue to have him treat our family on our path to wellness. MM

Weight Loss

I visited the Acworth Wellness Center and had a BioMeridian test. My results matched what traditional medicine had been telling me - my liver & gallbladder were not functioning correctly, my immune system was off, my kidneys were not functioning properly, and the list went on and on. During my initial visit, Dr. Jim confirmed what I had suspected from my own research - I had basically no adrenal function! He also was able to determine that my thyroid was not working correctly, something that I had suspected, but the lab tests my MD ordered did not reveal a problem. Dr. Jim immediately put me on some supplements to combat my issues and also gave me information on a special way of eating. I began the eating this way the next day. Without counting calories and only following the guidelines of this diet, I dropped 15 pounds in three months. I was feeling better than I had in several years.

After my third BioMeridian test, Dr. Jim and Sonya decided another test was necessary. They discovered that I had an excess of yeast in my body, which causes many health issues including diabetes. In early August 2011, I began the 5-week Candida Cleanse. At the end of my 5-week cleanse, I had dropped another 15 pounds and several inches. The difference in my energy level is AMAZING! I feel better and look better. I've had people tell me I look 10 years younger than I did at the beginning of this year. Dr. Jim has also been treating my allergies - with great success.

I recently went back to my regular MD for a physical and lab work. She could not stop expressing her amazement at how great I looked. I had gone down 3 sizes since I had last seen her. For the first time in 6 years, my lab work came back NORMAL. She and several other people have told me I have a glow about me. I know what it is - it is the glow of health! I firmly believe that the Acworth Wellness Center gave me my life back and cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me. Lisa C.

Thanks So Much!

"For the past 13 years I have had chronic stomach problems. I have seen all sorts of specialists and have been submitted to all sorts of tests to try and determine how to resolve it, but to no avail. Finally, I started seeing Dr Jim Di Blasi and through using allergy treatments, taking supplements and understanding more about nutrition and how to eat better, I have made leaps of improvement in not only my stomach issues, but in my health overall. I was always the first one in my house to get sick and the last one to get well. Now I can take care of my kids when they don't feel well, and I don't even have to worry if I'll catch it. My stomach is better than it has ever been in the past 13 years. 13 years of going to doctor after doctor was finally resolved in a matter of months of working with Dr Jim.

I was quite skeptical at first. Just making such seemingly small dietary changes and taking supplements regularly would make such a drastic difference. The best part about it was that since I have been nursing my baby throughout this period, I didn't have to worry about any negative side effects for her. Everything, Dr. Jim instructed me to do was safe while nursing and it improved my baby's health too! Thanks So Much!

Katie C.

My Children Are Also Much Better

Since seeing Dr Jim, I have noticed a vast improvement in how I feel. After doing the BioMeridian and now taking the corect supplements I have been doing yoga every day. I don't get exhaused during the day and don't have to take naps either! I have much more patient with my children and really everything in life. And Dr. Jim talked with my children about healthy eating and taking vitamins. Now they have no issues taking their vitamins. I just want to say thank you so much to all of you. The changes you have made are amazing and more important than you will ever know. So, THANK YOU!!! BB

You're The Best! :)

Thank you for helping me get healthier. My migraines have diminished, my pain is becoming bearable and I know it's because of you and your staff. You all have made the larget impact in my life in the last 10 months! Thank you for striving for excellence. The summary of my love and appreciation - You're The Best! :)


Seven Year Old With Teacher Problems - FIXED

My seven year old son had been having issues with his teacher for some time. He felt frustrated and scared of her. It was affecting his attitude, grades and his desire to go to school. I told Dr Di Blasi and he did a treatment on him. It was amazing because a couple of hours after his treatment he decided to make a card for her. He was so excited and couldn't wait to go to school and give it to her. That was not like him at all. Things have been great ever since. Thanks Dr Di Blasi.


Back pain and allergies.

I decided to come to Dr Di Blasi because I could no longer handle the pain in my lower back and hips. The pain was so bad that it prevented me from walking, standing and sometimes even sitting. I had previous treatments from other doctors including cortisone shots. These only gave me temporary relief. In only 2 weeks with Dr Di Blasi, I am virtually pain free. I sleep better and I am much more pleasant to be around. You can even ask my husband! I am also able to handle stress better and no longer suffer from allergies. Dr Di Blasi handled that too! I can't say enough about being pain free for the first time in a very long time. Thank You Dr Jim.


Surgery Cancelled

In October, I started with what I thought was a bad cold that turned into pneumonia in November. I went to my regular doctor and he gave me antibiotics as well as other medicines. By December, I had seen 4 different doctors. I was prescribed inhalers, steriods and more antibiotics. I was getting worse. Then I began to lose my hearing. I completely lost all hearing in my right ear and over half in my left. I was scheduled for ear surgery. However, ten days before the surgery, I went to see Dr Di Blasi. By the third visit, I was able to hear again and the infection was breaking up. I got well with his care. Needless to say the surgery was cancelled. Thank you.


Weight Loss and More Energy

"Before taking the supplement, I was always tired and never had enough energy.After less than a week, I feel more whole and energized.I'm also feeling more restful at night and getting more sleep.Best of all, I have lost weight!" KS

" I lost 10 pounds in 14 days. I was not hungry and had lots of energy too! Thanks"


" I lost 18 pounds in 9 days. I'm in my 60's and feel great."


Getting My Life Back

"For several years I've suffered with chronic back pain. Over the years I've tried several chiropractors, orthopedic doctors and neurologists. Then my son-in-law recommended Dr Di Blasi.It took about a month, but now I can sit and walk.I'm at the point that I walk 4 to 5 times per week for 20 minutes at a time.I'm getting my life back and I'm so grateful to Dr Di Blasi.It is not only his treatments, but for his compassion and humor." BA

I wouldn't have believed it!

"I witness and helped with an allergy/sensitivity clearing on a 4 week old baby.This child had a bad rash on her face, neck and chest.The doctor told me it was new born rash, but Dr Di Blasi found the real allergy.Within minutes of the clearing the rash left the baby.I wouldn't have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes!No medications, just Dr Di Blasi's allergy/sensitivity clearing. PS

The laser heals me so that I can move my arm again!

"I had fallen from a ladder and couldn't move my left arm.I had absolutely no control over that arm.It was so bad that I had to use my right hand to move the left arm, it just hung there.After 3 visits with Dr Di Blasi and his laser, the strength came back. The laser healed me so that I can move my arm again." WM

Laser helps after possible heart attack.

"I was treated for a possible heart attack at the hospital on a Monday night.That Wednesday morning I was still hurting, so I came to see Dr Di Blasi.He checked me and found the problem to be my Adrenal Glands.He treated me with the laser and the pain left immediately.I'm writing this story 2 weeks later and I'm still pain free and feel great!" GE

A sense of calmness after the Foot Bath.

"My experience with the Foot Bath Detoxification at Dr Di Blasi was very positive.After the session I had a sense of calmness.My racing thoughts were gone and my mind felt quiet.I would recommend the Detox to anyone willing to rid their body of toxins" FM

We are a happy family again.

"I'm writing this because I want everyone to know what a relief I have experience since my 6 month old has been seeing Dr Di Blasi. When I first brought him in I was desparate and felt hopeless. My son was having a hard time.He was not sleeping at night, he had a rash on his face, he was not eating well and he would throw up when he did eat.The worse part was the constant crying.

I tried other doctors and numerous treatments, but it didn't help. I spent tons of money, but didn't get any good results.When I told my husband about seeing Dr Di Blasi his comment was "Oh great, here we go again and you have to drive 90 minutes too!"

To make a long story short, Dr Di Blasi changed our son and our family's life within a couple of weeks.My son eats better and does not throw up. He doesn't cry unless he needs me. He sleeps eleven and a half hours at night. He can sit in his car seat or stroller without any crying.

We are a happy family again and I can not say enough about Dr Di Blasi. He and his staff are willing to go above and beyond to make it easy for you.Dr Di Blasi truly does care and wants to help people.

Just last night my husband called to thank Dr Di Blasi a second time. He then told me "It's so nice to be here with our beautiful children, I really owe this to Dr Di Blasi as he did exactly what he said he would!"

Thanks again!You're the BEST!"

Fondly, LM

Our 19 month old couldn't open his eyes!

"Our 19 month old all of a sudden couldn't open his eyes.They we red and puffy and he was quite upset. We had no idea what was causing it nor what to do about it either. So I called Dr Di Blasi and he assisted my wife and me over the phone. When we got him to the office Dr Di Blasi treated him and immediately the change was dramatic. There was no question in our minds that it was the result of the simple techniques that Dr Di Blasi applied.I have never before seen - nor ever expected - this kind of 'miracle', but I am very thankful for the skill and caring Dr Di Blasi has for his patients." L & SP

" For 3 years I was on a prescribed medication for acid reflux. I went to Dr. Jim and told him. He checked me and found out what my real problem was. He gave me two supplements and within one month I didn't need the medications. After two months I no longer needed the supplements. That was fast and now I'm much healthier. I'm 72 years old and feel a lot younger. Thanks Dr. Jim."

Charolette A.

" My two year old daughter was pulling her hair and not sleeping. In fact, it was as her eyes would roll back. I was scarred. I was visiting Dr. Jim for my self and she did this in front of Dr. Jim. He asked if he could check her and discovered what we later knew was the problem. After 1 1/2 weeks of care she was no longer pulling her hair or rolling her eyes back. I'm very grateful."

Katie C.

"First, I must state that it was because of my parents that I went to Dr. Jim. They have seen him as they neeeded for years. I have to drive about 1 1/2 hours to get to his office, but it is well worth it. Fro two months I had horrible shoulder pain. No one was able to help me. Then, in one visit I began to feel better. A few visits later we begn to use the Laser and that helped even more. Today, a month later I am better and able to swim without pain. Thanks Dr. Jim." Sharlene G.

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